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International Conference on smart grids
March 18th 2010 – Grenoble, France

In the future, smart grids will help integrating renewable energies and provide solutions for the management of power demand. They are thus part of the solutions as regards energetic and climatic issues. The compounding elements of these smart systems are enhanced distribution networks, smart meters, storage means, new services for consumers, producers groups. The International Conference in Grenoble will offer the opportunity to discuss about these important issues, with French, German and Italian representatives involved in various research and demonstration programs, as the framework of the European project AlpEnergy (Alpine Space Programme
2007-2013, a part of the "European Territorial Cooperation", together with 13 other programmes it strives for transnational cooperation in and between the European regions).

The Conference is addressed to consumers, producers, distributors, conceding authorities, power suppliers, enterprises of the energy control market. The aim is to have a better understanding of the announced evolution of electric networks.

The International meeting is organized by Rhônalpénergie Environnement and Grenoble Institute of Technology (French partners of the Alpine Space project AlpEnergy), in partnership with Tenerdis, and with the support of Alpine Space Programme and  Rhône-Alpes region.

More information on the Conference is available from the internet website:

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