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The Province of Mantova is the local government authority. It promotes a balanced development of the territory, protects natural, environmental and cultural resources, promotes integrated welfare systems to support the weakest brackets of the local population, promotes positive actions for gender equality and equal opportunities, promotes the social inclusion of migrant citizens. The Territorial Planning Service of the Province of Mantova is directly involved in the project. The main goals of the Territorial Planning Service are the implementation of the local territorial policies concerning Energy and Public Transport.

The Province of Mantova will perform an analysis of the power consumption by the local public administrations (i.e. local authorities, hospitals, schools, etc.) and will census the existing power plants according to:
- kind of RES used
- ownership
- power installed capacity
- hrs/yr  running
- power produced

Thanks to the Province of Mantova will carry out a pilot project on the creation of a VPS able to match the potential RES power supply to the power demand of the local public administrations.
Three models have been  developed and are currently undergoing evaluation:
1. Energy supply by RES to Public Buildings
2. VPS as a collective PV system on big public buildings roofs to solve the problem of the authorization on red tile roofs
3. VPS as series of small similar hydraulic (or biogas) systems to be realized and managed as one

Provincia di Mantova
Via Principe Amedeo 30
I-46100 Mantova
Tel. +39 0376 204 245
Fax +39 0376 204326
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