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The European Territorial Cooperation Project AlpEnergy brought together power suppliers, development agencies, research institutes and public administrations from five different countries of the Alpine Space - Germany, Italy, France, Slovenia and Switzerland - to address the central issue of renewable energy supply.

Even if hydropower, solar and wind energy, wood and other biomasses are richly distributed throughout the area, they are unequally accessible because of many territorial discrepancies. The need to balance an increasing production and use of RES (renewable energy sources) requires a stronger and more extended electric grid capable of dealing with high levels of remote power generation. Virtual Power Systems (VPS) offer an alternative by using ICT technology for an intelligent combination of load management, storage and demand.

AlpEnergy focused on both technical as well as economical aspects to introduce an efficient operational model that aims at a standardization of both technologies and procedures. The intention is to provide new knowledge-based incomes and business opportunities to farmers, traditional and innovative enterprises, thus supporting the competitiveness of the Alpine ventures and making the Alpine space a showcase for other mountain areas in the world.

AlpEnergy: Final documents are available now!
The final results of the project AlpEnergy - Final Guidelines, Case Studies in English as well as French, German, Italian and Slovene language as well as research and market studies - are available for free download here.
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