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Consorzio dei Comuni del Bacino Imbrifero Montano del Piave  appartenenti alla Provincia di Belluno - Consorzio BIM Piave of Belluno is a Local Authority which groups 67 Municipalities of Belluno Province. It was established in compliance with the prefect’s decree of December 30th 1955, to implement Law 959/1953. This law entrusts BIM Consortia with the task of favouring the economic and social development of the territory through the joint use of common hydroelectric fees.

Over the years the main target of Belluno Consorzio BIM Piave has been supporting development in different sectors, by helping to build schools, hospitals and other infrastructures, to set up the natural gas pipeline network, and to develop renewable energies. During its first fifty years the Consortium injected subsidies for a total of about 360 million euros into Belluno’s economic fabric. Consorzio BIM Piave now supports its member Municipalities in their initiatives in the sector of energy production from renewable sources in order to, on the one hand, promote the economic and social welfare of local people and, on the other hand, pursue a model of environmentally sustainable development based on the use of energy sources with low environmental impact and inexistent, or minimal, emissions of greenhouse effect gases into the atmosphere.

In order to further develop what it has been doing so far, Consorzio BIM wants to go on being an incubator, a driving force and a coordinator of actions to promote an environmentally sustainable development of the consortium territory, above all in the sector of renewable energies and energy saving. Up to the present there are 5 activity sectorsMini and Micro-hydroelectric energy, Photovoltaic energy, Energy saving, Wind energy, Biomass energy.



Consorzio BIM Piave of Belluno groups 67 mountain municipalities. They own several systems for electricity generation from renewable sources, such as hydroelectric, wind, solar energy, biomass cogeneration, etc. all over the territory. At the same time, these municipalities use electric energy for their services and to manage public buildings as well as road lighting. Consorzio BIM Piave wants to create and spread a simple and easily practicable model to save and manage energy which is applicable in different situations and for different kinds of users (first of all for municipalities, in prospect also for industrial, commercial and family users), with immediate saving on electric energy bills, according to smart-grid and VPS principles. VPS modules will be tested in public facilities, a scattered habitat environment and for public road lighting.

Consorzio BIM Piave Belluno
Via Masi Simonetti 20
32100 Belluno



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