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Since more than 90 years the Allgäuer Überlandwerk GmbH (AÜW) is available in most parts of the Allgäu (most famous tourist area located in South-West Germany) with extensive services. As the biggest regional supplier of electric energy the Allgäuer Überlandwerk services over 100.000 customers. The AÜW owns 8 hydropower plants, the biggest has a power of about 5 MW and shows an enormous engagement to increase the part of renewable energies in their power generation. In the year 2008 already more than 25% of the complete power generation/procurement has been produced by renewable energies. The CO²-emission of 442 g/kWh is way below the overall national average of 541 g/kWh.
As a partner in different projects regarding renewable energies and electro mobility, AÜW tries to be in the front line to support and participate in the newest ideas and developments of these future technologies.

Out of 12 international partners, AÜW is the lead partner in the AlpEnergy project.  There are different tasks which have to be fulfilled to come to successful results for this important project:

  • specifications, installation of intelligent smart meters at a few 100 customers in the Allgäu;
  • installation and verification of different IKT solutions (GPRS, PLC etc.) for data collection;
  • monitoring of the electrical consumption data and development of a energy forecast system;
  • deployment and combination of the impact on different intervention models;
  • development of a concept and a prototype of a VPS (Virtual Power System) solution.
    VPS is an instrument to promote transnational cooperation and sustainable energy supply in the alpine space. One very important goal is the usage of  different endogenous renewable energy sources like hydropower, solar and wind energy, wood and other biomass.

Allgäuer Überlandwerk GmbH 
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