International Conference in Lombardy Region

Mantova, 11 november 2010
Auditorium MPS, via Luzio 5/c – Mantova

The opportunity to develop a model of local management that would support the spread of renewable energy plants, but at the same time help integrate them with the local energy needs, the requirement of the electricity grid and energy planning of Local Bodies, was the reason that prompted the Province of Mantua to join the International Partnership of European AlpEnergy Project. It involves different actors belonging to the transnational reality of the Alpine space, engaged in the search for a general system model and the best application solutions in each territory. The main objective of the AlpEnergy project is the analysis and the development of a Virtual Power System: a technological system compound of plants for local electricity power generation using renewable sources (Virtual Power Plants) and their potential users such as households, companies, public organizations (Virtual Power Loads). All parts of a VPS are connected through communication and control systems (ICT) overlapping the traditional grid. The goal is to get the system with technical and economical advantages for both producers and users, but also for the same electric grid that should be better protected against fluctuating not easily foreseeable loads, which are typical of distributed generation in particular from solar and wind power plants.

The international experience of AlpEnergy has recently found an excellent contact point with the national planning in the new “Conto Energia”(PV tariff law), which will promote the production of electricity from solar sources for the period 2011-2013: the Law DLGS 06.08.2010 in fact specifies the new PV tariffs and conditions of access, introducing a new "bonus incentive" for plants managed as predictable load profile systems. Such foreseeable Systems have features which are very similar to those described in the Virtual Power System of the AlpEnergy Project.

The international conference of Mantua will be an opportunity to learn more about AlpEnergy studies and results from its local developers, from electric cars as storage systems for energy produced by domestic PV plant, to the remote control of public lighting and the new possibilities related with the use of smart meters. It will give information about the new Italian PV tariff for 2011, just over a month ahead of the application of new rates and new scenarios for an electrical system which helps to turn the user from a passive to an active role.

09:30 – Registration

10:00 – Welcome, Introductory Speech
Maurizio Fontanili
- President of the Province of Mantova
Alberto Ghidorzi - President of AGIRE Energy Agency
Ivan Ongari - Town Councillor for Innovation and Sustainable Development of the Municipality of Suzzara
Luigi Piazza - North Est Area Manager MPS Bank

10:30 – 1st PART: Presentation of AlpEnergy Project
Renewable Energies and Virtual Power System (VPS)
Ludwig Karg - Managing Director BAUM Consult, Germany

10:50 – Presentation of the Local Virtual Power Systems (VPS)
Regional Virtual Power System and the electrical car
Stefan Mayer - AUEW Allgäuer Überlandwerk GmbH, Germany

Smart Meters and their possible application
Bogomir Filipic - Regionalna razvojna agencija Gorenjske, Slovenia

Virtual Power System in scattered mountain villages: technological framework and customer involvement
Marcello Chiaberghe - Politecnico di Torino, Valle D’Aosta Region

Virtual Power Systems in public structures: buildings, facilities, lighting
Giovanni Da Deppo - BIM Piave Consortium, Belluno

Controllable loads for local services to the distribution network
Emmanuel Jeanjean - Rhonalpenergie-Environnement, France

Virtual Power System Modelization
Umberto Bondi - ALaRI Università Svizzera Italiana di Lugano, Switzerland

VPS as a foreseeable load profile system
Nicola Galli - AGIRE Energy Agency, Province of Mantova

12:30 – Questions time

13:00 – Buffet Lunch

14:15 – 2nd PART: Conto Energia and electrical system
New National incentives (Conto Energia) for Photovoltaic power plants from 1st January 2011
GSE - National Energy Services Manager

Integrated PV Power Plants with innovative features and the new National incentives (Conto Energia): Producers point of view
CentroStudi APER - National Association of Renewable Energy Producers

Systems and algorithms for the forecast and the monitoring of the renewable energy production

Systems based on foreseeable exchange profile: opportunities and development
Politecnico di Milano

16:15 – Moderated discussion

17:00 – End of works

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