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Technological, socio-economical and regional issues related to energy supply and renewable resources in the Alpine space are treated according to a cooperative and international approach that takes advantage of a  constant optimization of intermediate results.

AlpEnergy is divided into 7 Work Packages and follows a four-step methodology:

  • Analysis
    Work Package 4 takes into account the individual aspects of the targeted regions as well as the VPS existing models.

  • Modeling
    Work Package 5 manages implementation models and feasibility assessments. Technological combinations, organizational options and business cases will also be elaborated.

  • Pilot implementation
    Work Package 6 implements technological solutions and business cases at prototype scales. They are tested under real conditions. The operational capability and socio-economic effects will also be measured.

  • Evaluation
    Work Package 7 estimates the effects of VPS on power supply and regional development to end up with a final report and guidelines.

The White Book of AlpEnergy is a preliminary result of the work on workpackage 4 (WP4), Analysis and Modelling of VPS. Its purpose is to provide a first summary of a common view of VPS within the
consortium for providing a shared basis for the subsequent joint VPS modelling, design and development work. The intention is further to provide a valuable contribution to the discussion and development of VPS and elements of VPS, currently denoted in the ongoing debate in this field as Virtual Power Plants (VPP), Smart Grids, Smart Metering, etc., beyond the project duration and outside the project consortium.

Based on the experiences throughout the project there may be adaptations and amendments to this document. This will keep the White book being a vital and up-to-date project result.

Download the White Book (724 KB PDF)



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