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Grenoble Institute of Technology (Grenoble INP) is one of Europe’s leading technology universities. Grenoble Institute of Technology trains dynamic, innovative engineers in 11 high-tech areas. Its high-quality engineering degree courses and doctorates and cutting-edge research puts it firmly at the heart of European higher education.
Thanks to the outstanding scientific environment, research at Grenoble INP draws on its strengths in multidisciplinary institutional and industrial partnerships. Grenoble Institute of Technology's ambitious research policy is embodied in the 6 industrial clusters with locally-based companies:

-   Energy: from energy production to distributed energy management;

-   Environment: engineering science, focusing on natural environments (pollution
management and treatment, natural hazards and vulnerability, impacts of climate
change, etc.) and on industrial environmental issues;

-   Information and Communication: modelling and simulation methodologies and hardware and software solutions for information handling and processing, with both basic and applied research in IT, applied mathematics, signalling and systems;

-   Materials: materials and process engineering, focusing on metallurgy, polymers, paper, crystals, ceramics, thin films and composites;

-   Micro and nanotechnologies: innovation cluster linked with MINATEC, co-founded by Grenoble INP and CEA-LETI;

-   Production systems: considering the full life cycle from manufacturing to maintenance, transport and even disposal and recycling.

Grenoble INP will participate in the definition of common concepts and functionalities within the VPS system.
Grenoble INP will collect needed data (regional distribution networks, interconnected production, electricity consumption data, economical prospective scenario) with the local French partners.
Electrical distribution network models, calculation tools and specific algorithms, will be proposed by Grenoble INP, in order to simulate and optimize the selected functionalities of the VPS concept. The developed software simulation tools should be shared among local partners. Grenoble INP will participate in a local experiment with 40 first smart meters for a panel of residential and commercial installations, and in the implementation of a testing system of one or several selected VPS applications.

Grenoble INP - Institut National Polytechnique
G2ELAB - ENSE3 - BP46 
38402, Saint-Martin-d'Hères, Cedex France 
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