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AlpEnergy: Final documents are available now!

The final results of the project AlpEnergy - Final Guidelines, Case Studies in English as well as French, German, Italian and Slovene language as well as research and market studies - are available for free download here. Have a look!

Virtual Power Systems for the Alpine Space
Mankind is confronted with a serious challenge: How shall we continuously supply 7 billion people with save and affordable energy? Fossil energies are running out and the confidence in the safety of nuclear power plants is declining in many societies. Use of energy may be bound to high prices and limited access can become a threat for welfare and peace. Joint international efforts search-ing for sustainable solutions to make optimised use of our resources are required – whether they focus on the integration of renewable sources of energy or the optimisation of the existing infra-structure for energy supply.

As a matter of fact, the increase in electricity costs is about to further deepen existing territorial discrepancies in the Alpine Space. However, the rich endogenous renewable energy sources such as hydropower, solar and wind energy, wood and other biomass offer an opportunity to overcome this problem. They can contribute to clean and climate-friendly local power production and provide business chances even in remote locations. But the opportunity to use them is limited by weak electricity grids in these areas, which are incapable of integrating high levels of remote power generation.

Partners in France, Germany, Italy, Slovenia and Switzerland set out to contribute viable solutions to those challenges. In the years 2008 to 2011, they ran the project “AlpEnergy - Virtual Power Systems as an Instrument to Promote Transnational Cooperation and Sustainable Energy Supply in the Alpine Space” under the European Territorial Cooperation Programme “Alpine Space” (ETC-ASP) 2007-2013.

A final guideline for decision makers and practitioners as well as other valuable results of the AlpEnergy project are available here.


AlpEnergy: team project


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