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July 2009 - September 2011


  • pilot implementation:
    field partners implement core technology and business models

  • functional evaluation:
    field partners, together with R&D ones, assess operational capability of the implemented prototypes and pilot modules

  • socio-economical evaluation:
    field partners and communication ones will assess acceptance of VPS solutions by power providers, users, decision makers and finance partners

  • Expected results
    Functioning prototype VPS elements:
    - Allgäu: 10 RES production facilities, 100 consumers (incl. heat pumps) linked to centrally controlled VPS; VPS modules as part of 100% RES municipality
    - Rhone Alpes: smart meters in 20 households and enterprises; study on RES supply
    - Gorenjska: smart meters in 100 households and 20 enterprises
    - Mantova: 4 renewable energy plants linked to VPS on national grid
    - Regione Valle d’Aosta: smart meters in 50 houses and implementation of a micro
      grid in 1 small village (meters and interpretation of data)
    - Consorzio BIM Piave Belluno: 5 RES power plants connected to the national electrical grid involving, in a VPS, different municipalities utilities (charge  load). Implementation of the hardware and managing software, including prevision of the consumption algorithms. 

  • progress reports about implementation, possible delays or non realisation

  • descriptions of technical and business solutions and ready-to-use hardware, software and orgware modules for followers

  • study on the socio-economical effects

  • study on the viability of VPS models and effects on the sustainability and spatial development


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